Christmas is one of the most competitive times of the year for many businesses and also one of the most lucrative. It is the best time of year to set your brand apart from competitors and become the substitute Santa Claus for your customers. A guaranteed way to ensure they are buying from you is to delight your way into their hearts.

If there is one brand that achieved this over a Christmas period, it was WestJet with their Christmas Miracle campaign. The delight and customer experience demonstrated by WestJet was priceless and totally unexpected by the customer.

WestJet managed to create a memorable moment that was focused on both existing and potential customers and by doing this, significantly increased customer loyalty, sky-rocketed their profits and went viral with their brand awareness.

Here are some of the major customer experience factors WestJet received from running this Christmas campaign and delighting their customers:

1. Met People’s Emotions in Real-Time

The surprise element of the campaign invoked many emotional reactions. The authentic facial expressions and responses to this campaign made people want to share it with others who were also emotionally moved just by watching it.

2. Surprise Factor 

The unexpected events of the WestJet campaign set them apart from all other competitors in the way they undertook this and also how they advertised it. They chose the right moment to introduce the element of surprise to their customers and it paid off.

3. Existing Customers Focus 

WestJet’s goal was not to attract new customers with their splurge of gifts, rather, they wanted to reward travellers that were already flying with WestJet. They were really able to connect with the customers and create long-term loyalty.

Hats off to WestJet for engineering such a memorable holiday experience for its passengers. Here are some ways you can wow the socks of your customer this holiday season as well.

 4. Give Them What They Want 

If you want customers to shop with you, exceed their expectations this holiday season and give them what they want and more.

Offering promotions and creating sales events that are spread over a time period leading up to Christmas and the New Year will give the customer the ability to choose your brand, products and services. Begin launching deals now and continue to do so until the last minute. You can do this through offering free or express shipping options, providing a free gift wrapping service or even giving your most loyal customers larger discounts.

5. Show Your Customers You Care

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show your customers you care by thanking them for their continual support. Loyal customers are the ones who help you grow so show them you appreciate them by sending them a personalised direct email message with a special promotional code exclusively for them.

6. Let Them in on the Secret

Everybody loves being part of a secret! Just before you roll out your sale or new products or services this holiday season, create some buzz by telling your most valued customers first. Give them the opportunity to buy it first or let them enjoy the sale a day before other customers can. Making your customers feel exclusive will promote customer loyalty for years to come.

Make the most of Christmas this year by delighting and dazzling your customers. Finish the year on a high note and start the year with happy customers, great feedback and increased customer loyalty.

Are you delighting your customers this Christmas?

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