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Online negativity has hardened many businesses to bad reviews. If you are a business, no matter how amazing your customer service, experience or product is, you can’t please everyone and you will receive a negative review. It is how you manage this negative review, however, which can be a turning point for the productivity of your business. 

A study conducted by MOZ found that businesses risk losing 22% of customers from just one negative article. This statistic shouldn’t be a deterrent to tackling online reviews,however. Bill Gates once said,

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Negative customer reviews might seem daunting but there is an easy solution to avoiding and healing the impact of negative customer reviews: by listening to your customers. Jago provides the perfect opportunity to listen to your customers using a simple software. This software communicates with your customers directly after their experience with your business. By contacting the customer directly after their experience, Jago ensures their feedback is accurate and allows companies to resolve any negative experiences before they become a negative online review.

One of the worst things a company can do when they receive a negative review is to ignore it. The truth is, most customers who write a negative review do so to ensure future customers have a better experience. This is backed up by research conducted by digital agency Corra. They found that 73.2% of customers leave a negative review to “save other customers from having the same experience.” 

It is no secret that customers look at online reviews before deciding on where they will take their business. Which means that if you aren’t managing your online reputation you could be losing potential customers on a daily basis. It also means the way a company responds to online reviews is public and sets an example for potential customers on how a company looks after their customers. 

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Jago helps companies improve their online reputation by ensuring positive feedback by customers is distributed on online review platforms. It also allows a company to understand what their customers need which provides the opportunity for a company to develop their business strategy to ensure they are listening to their customers and providing solutions to their needs.

Customer feedback really is make-or-break for a company. When a company doesn’t engage with their customers, they lose the amazing opportunity to learn from their customers as well as turn detractors into promoters. Engaging with customer feedback provides the perfect opportunity for a company to listen and grow and Jago provides an easy method of connecting companies with the customers to create a strong, loyal customer base. 

Using a customer feedback software tool like Jago gives you the ability to receive real-time customer feedback, enhance your brand’s reputation and improve your customer servicethrough timely, honest and high-quality customer feedback. Your customer service delivery isn’t static. Your service could be great today, but average tomorrow. At a glance, Jago will let you know how happy your customers are, and how likely they are to recommend your business to other people. Contact Jago and book a free demo today.

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