“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better,” Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon once famously said. With little time left until Christmas, we know that it is the busiest time of year for retailers but before getting overwhelmed, we think there is an important message to be found in Jeff’s vision for customer satisfaction. A message that you can learn from, be inspired by and help you increase customer satisfaction.  

Here are some ways you can maintain customer loyalty and unwrap customer satisfaction this Christmas. 

Collect Feedback

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to find out how your customers are experiencing your service and business. When you ask them, they are usually more than willing to tell you how their experience was and how you could improve. This is a great opportunity to embrace feedback by making sure that you are providing them with the opportunity to leave feedback and always being available to listen to them.

Customers want to share their opinions and ideas about the type of service and experience they expect. This is why you should never assume what your customers are thinking. You must ask them directly and learn how to manage their expectations and satisfy their needs and wants.

Communicate to Everyone

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of Christmas get in the way of your ability to communicate with your customers – all of them. It’s one thing to collect customer feedback, analyse and take action however, it is a totally different ball game to actually communicate with your customers, to tell them how much you appreciate their business, their feedback and how you can use their information to improve their experience.

You can show your customers they matter by replying to feedback, answering messages and calls quickly and eagerly, encouraging face to face encounters to talk to them and to also use online platforms like email to communicate directly.

Turn a Negative into a Positive

Christmas is a busy time of year for most people and businesses. With more people shopping, there are more needs and wants to be satisfied. If these people are not getting the level of customer satisfaction they require, they may leave negative feedback.

Collecting feedback inevitably means occasionally sifting through insulting comments, and negative service experiences and the worst thing you can do is ignore these important insights.

No matter what your customers have to say, it is extremely important to always try to turn a negative into a positive. Even if you cannot fix the problem straight away, the customer should be communicated to so that they understand that you care about them and that they are being listened to.

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Create Customer Traditions

Just like Christmas traditions, your customers like to know that they will receive a dependable service from your business each year. If not, they might not stick around. In fact, 91% of customers will not come back if they are unhappy with your service, so make sure you are continually establishing a solid customer service foundation within your own business. This will ensure you receive repeat business for years to come.

With the right strategies in place and a good attitude, you can turn the festive season into a lucrative opportunity for your business. Ensuring you are making all the right moves and decisions this time of year will guarantee plenty of increasingly satisfied and very happy customers.

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