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A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog highlighting an investigation by Which? that found online sellers were offering free goods for positive product reviews, all with the aim of improving their online reputation.

It seems like this wasn’t a one off as an investigation into Amazon by Which? just discovered at least 30,000 Amazon customer reviews were fake, with the belief that the true number is far greater.

The reviews have been removed from 16 popular categories of home and tech products spanning over a two year period.

Investigators suggested customers be wary about:

  • Buying certain categories of products, such as headphones and cameras
  • Buying from ‘unknown’ brands – household names had less removed reviews
  • Relying solely on customer ratings, without digging deeper into reviews

Which? reached out to Amazon for comment. Amazon stated: “We do not permit reviews in exchange for compensation of any kind, including payment. We take the integrity of our reviews seriously and take decisive action to protect customers from dishonest parties who abuse the reviews system.” 

The fake reviews were found to be removed by Amazon when they are detected to breach their review policy, deleted accounts or deleted by the reviewer. It is believed fake reviews are published to try and increase sellers online reputations with customers.

At Jago we understand the importance of customer feedback to grow a brand and a loyal customer base, however it is imperative brands seek authentic, quality reviews to grow their company. As highlighted by the investigation by Which?, fake reviews are caught and deleted which can lead to customers associating a brand with negative business practices, decrease customers trust in a company and ruin a company’s online reputation.

Customer reviews are essential to remaining competitive and building a loyal customer base, however the growth of a company is built off a trusting relationship built by listening to customers’ needs, which can be done more effectively by using a customer feedback software instead of false reviews.

Customer feedback software provides an easy solution to not only listen to customers but also boost a company’s online reputation using quality customer feedback collected from real customers. Customers are contacted directly after they interact with a brand. By contacting a customer straight after their interaction with a brand, means the feedback is of the highest quality and any problems that may have occurred can be resolved before they are published online.

Jago is a simple customer feedback software which can easily be integrated into your current business strategy. You can start listening to your customers, monitoring your online reviews and building an authentic online reputation at the click of a button. Don’t underestimate the power of authentic customer feedback, start your journey today with Jago. Book a free demo

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