Companies, no matter the industry, is always at risk of being replaced. This is not because of their prices, services or products but because they are failing to satisfy their customers. This is why it is important to undertake customer experience research using customer feedback tools – to get the information required and to help understand the needs and wants of the customer.

Conducting this type of customer experience research is beneficial to a company however, it does not make for any positive change unless the company actually does something with the information that has been collected.


If you really care about what your customers think about your company, then you need to act on the collected data so that customers can see improvements. If you do not make these improvements, customers will think they have wasted their time supplying feedback and take their business elsewhere.


Companies need to translate customer feedback into value to show customers that their voice has been heard and to show change that customers can see. 

Here’s a three step process on how to accomplish superior results.


  1. Gather Feedback

Ensure feedback is gathered at an appropriate time and across multiple channels including via your website, through email and social media. This can also be collected directly through the customer at the time of purchase by using a customer feedback tool.

Gathering information via these channels ensures you are getting all the information from the people who are most important to your business success – the customers.


  1. Analyse Feedback

Devising a strategy to analyse and break down customer feedback information into different categories allows you to prioritise what needs to be managed immediately, in the short-term and in the long-term. Further, it ensures you are understanding your customers from different perspectives including the service, product, location and channel.


  1. Take Action

Use the data to identify ways in which your company can be proactive instead of reactive. Leverage the data you have collected to make predictive and prescriptive changes to your company so that customers can clearly see that you have listened to them and implemented the feedback they put forward.

Companies who thrive are the ones who achieve a consistent rate of happy customers. In order to keep customers happy over a long-term period, companies need to listen to them. This is done through a regular collection of customer feedback, analysing the feedback and using feedback insights to take action.

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