Feedback is essential to the productivity and growth of every business. With the development of technology and growth of customer feedback forums, the way businesses communicate with their customers has changed. Traditional customer satisfaction surveys are no longer an effective way to ask your customer what they think. In fact, customers are now facing a serious problem, known as survey fatigue. This means they are tired of filling out surveys or are completing the surveys by

answering anything to get through the survey resulting in poor data. In fact, research collected by Customer Thermometer states that less than 10% of customers today fill out surveys. That means if you are sending customer satisfaction surveys to your customers, you are missing out on 90% of your customer’s feedback, which could have an incredibly negative impact on your company’s competitiveness and growth. 

But it’s not all bad news. The advanced development of technology has allowed Jago to develop an easy to use system that communicates with your customers through a more personalised and simple method – no boring, long or complicated surveys involved! Not only does Jago provide an easy and effective way to communicate with customers, we also use modern technology that customers use on a day-to-day basis, so it’s more familiar and customersare more willing to interact.

Why Traditional Customer Feedback Surveys Don’t Work

Survey fatigue has the power to waste a large amount of a company’s marketing budget. A company could invest a large number of resources in creating a customer feedbacksurvey, only to have less than 10% of customers respond. Other common survey mistakes include creating a long survey which results in a loss of engagement from customers and even losing a company’s competitive advantage.

When customers are faced with completing a long customer feedback survey, they generally just want to get to the end, which means a company will have a higher than average drop-out rate. It can also result in other symptoms such as straight lining or patterning in questions that are laid out in grids, where customers pick an answer, usually in a straight line. Thus, resulting in inaccurate data collection.

Traditional customer feedback survey’s also do not provide a modern and engaging way to communicate with current and prospective customers. Customers today expect personalisation when engaging with a company, with 84% of customers saying they prefer to be treated like a person, not a number. That means sending out non-personal surveys to customer’s does not encourage loyal customers or accurate feedback.

Why Jago Works

Customer feedback survey jago customer satisfaction

Now that we understand why traditional customer feedback survey’s don’t work, we want to explain why Jago doesand helps companies collect accurate and timely feedback from customers. 

Jagouses a Net Promoter Score® (NPS) that measures your customer’s happiness in a number and it all begins with one question for your customers - not a long and complicated survey. This question is;

“How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend or colleague?”

Jago provides you with your NPS, the exact same approach used by most of the world’s leading brands and service providers. But what is an NPS?

The NPS measures a customer’s experience of a brand and a company’s predicted growth. It is calculated by taking away the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters, leaving a score between -100 and 100. This score allows a company to understand areas that might not be performing up to standard, as well as areas that are excelling and everything in between.

Not only does Jago use a leading technology in collecting customer feedback, it engages with customers using a familiar technology and easy to use system, as well as communicating at the best possible time, straight after a customer has interacted with a business. The experiencewill be fresh in the customer’s minds and the customer will be more honest as a result. It also means if the customer has a problem a company can resolve this issue immediately before it becomes a negative review or lost a customer. 

Jago provides the perfect technology that engages customers and provides essential insights and accurate feedback from your customers. Not only are you asking every customer for their feedback using Jago, you are also ensuring you are giving your company the best possible advantage at receiving customer feedback, by using modern technology instead of relying on outdated customer servicefeedback surveys. Customer feedback is essential for the effective growth and maintained competitiveness of a company. Contact Jago today and book a demo.

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