Feedback is vital to the productivity and growth of a business. It is important to get customer feedback as soon as the customer has engaged with a company to get the most valuable information.

Quality customer feedback helps retain a company’s competitive edge, increase their customer log and convert potential leads into sales, as businesses are able to understand customer demand and create new strategies to suit these demands. If you are thinking the solution is as simple as emailing bulk customer surveys, unfortunately, the answer is not so easy. It is not about how many surveys you send to your customers, but the quality of the feedback you receive, which directly links to when you ask for customer feedback. 

Here are 3 key methods of how to receive quality customer service, through customer feedback surveys.

1. Timing Is Key 

It is important to collect customer feedback as soon as possible. Surveying a customer at the right time ensures their experience with a company is fresh in their mind, and they can accurately recall their journey with a company, from customer service to product satisfaction. If a company waits several weeks before asking for customer feedback, the customer may confuse their experience with one company for another company and the feedback may no longer be accurate - this is due to the way humans store memories.

Requesting customer feedback directly after a customer has engaged with a company also increases the likeability that the customer will respond to a feedback survey. This results in a company receiving quality customer feedback and allows any issues that may have occurred to be addressed immediately. By addressing negative customer feedback straight away, companies can resolve these issue on the same day, turning poor customer experiences into positive experiences.

2. Keep The Feedback It Simple 

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When creating customer feedback survey’s, companies make the simple mistake of asking too many questions. When creating survey’s, it is important to remember that customers are exposed to multiple channels of communication at any one time and they will only respond to information requests that they deem important. As companies try to gather more information, customers are being asked more questions, more frequently and they’re struggling to keep up. This is called, ‘survey fatigue’ – which is where customers are being sent so many surveys they stop responding. When so few people are responding to survey’s, it is guaranteed you will not receive quality customer feedback. 

Companies can change this simply by interacting with customers at the right time, and by keeping customer feedback surveys short and sweet. One simple way to change a customer feedback survey is implementing Jago’s Net Promoter Score®. 

3. Collect Customer Feedback Every Time 

Quality customer feedback is not achieved by asking 1 in every 100 customers, it is achieved by asking every customer that a company engages with. Attempting to collect data from every customer, improves a company’s overall understanding of customer experiences, as it provides a balanced understanding of where a company is performing the best and where it may need to improve.

Choosing to only collect feedback from a few customers will lead to a decrease in a company’s competitive advantage and the loss of discovering new ways to make the conversion from potential customers to lifelong customers. 

The worst feedback you can get is no feedback at all. Jagomakes it seriously simple to ask all of your customers how they rate their experience with you at the best possible time – straight after they have interacted with your business. Start collecting feedback from your customers and grow your business! Book a demo today.


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