The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) measures a customer’s experience of a brand and a companies predicted growth. It’s calculated by taking away the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters, leaving a score between -100 and 100. This score allows a company to understand areas that might not be performing up to standard, as well as areas that are excelling and everything in between.

But what are detractors and promoters? Detractors are customers who score a company 6 or below, whereas promoters are customers who score a company a 9 or 10, all other customers are known as passives- they are generally satisfied but could easily switch to a competitor.

If all customers were detractors the NPS would be -100. However, if all of the customers were promoters then the total NPS would be 100. Using the NPS has been clearly shown to be a key indicator of business growth - in short, the better your NPS score the better your financial performance.

Now you understand what the NPS is, let’s chat about what it means for your business.

How the Net Promoter Score Benefits Your Business

Quality customer feedback is key to the positive growth of every business. To receive timely and accurate customer feedback Jago understands that you must ask customers at the right time. Which is directly after they have interacted with your company.

The customer will receive a single question asking, “How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend or colleague?”

The customer will then answer this question using a simple scale from 0 to 10. From this interaction with a customer using the NPS, a company will have a firm understanding of how happy a customer is with their product or service. Which means if a customer has a negative experience it can be addressed immediately, turning a negative into a positive, all thanks to the Net Promoter Score. 

How Can You Integrate the Net Promoter Score into Your Business

Jago understands that time is money and companies want to see a return on investment almost instantly. That’s why we created an easy to use app to integrate the Net Promoter Score into your business. 

This innovative app creates a seamless process allowing a company to start tracking customer satisfaction almost straight away. Companies will be able to monitor how many detractors, promoters and passives they have and can start implementing new customers service strategies to address any issues that are discovered.

The Net Promoter Score also allows companies to track their performance on a day to day basis. A company’s customer service is not static. This means your NPS may vary from day to day. At a glance, Jago’s NPS will let you know how happy your customers are and how likely they are to recommend your business to other people.

Now You Have Your Net Promoter Score, How Can You Increase Your NPS? 

It’s important that once a company receives its NPS that it continues to analyse their results and communicate with customers and staff. A company will not increase its NPS overnight, meaning that monitoring your NPS is something that must continue throughout the whole lifespan of a company.

The overturn of staff during the lifespan of a business means that customer service may be amazing one day and be lacking another day. Monitoring the NPS also means that you can understand what department needs more training, or maybe a new strategy altogether. 

By monitoring the NPS a company is able to discover what departments need improving, which will result in an increased Net Promoter Score. This is information a company would not be able to receive without the use of Jago’s NPS.

As business people, Jago wanted a tool that could connect businesses to people in a convenient way, that managed online reputations, could build customer loyalty and create amazing customer experiences.Jago is a quick, easy and affordable way to get instant feedback from your customers. No other tool on the market provides the complete solution: instant customer feedback, benchmarking and reporting, a customer loyalty program and the ability to monitor individual store performance all in one easy-to-use app. Contact Jago and book a free demo today.


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