Why do bad customer service stories go viral? Because we’ve all been there – waiting in an endless line, addressing issues in the moment that are not being solved or on the phone for hours trying to get help from customer service. We can all relate! Last week however, I had an experience that would top the list of the WORST experiences I have ever received. It was a comedy of errors. Literally, the entire experience was comical. Here’s how it all unfolded…

Have you ever walked into a shop and been totally snubbed by the staff? Well, this is exactly what happened when my wife and I walked into a new restaurant in town that we have been dying to try. The customer service was terrible, we basically had to seat ourselves, call the waiter over when we were ready to order, ask for water and go to the bar when we needed more drinks. Now I am not usually picky when it comes to casual dining however we were in a new, table-service style restaurant where the menu prices definitely did not justify doing everything yourself.

When the main course was served, we were delighted to see how well they were presented and I was excited to taste some of the “best food in town”. Needless to say, the food was terrible, it came out with completely different ingredients to that described on the menu and it was cooked the opposite to how we ordered it. I followed up with the waiter about our meals and she ferociously defended the way the meals were served. We made a complaint to the manager of the restaurant to which there was no sincere apology or concern for the terrible service we had just experienced at their restaurant. We paid for the entire meal, although the meals were barely touched and we walked out of there knowing we will never return and that we will be advising others not to dine there as well.


Before you lose customers and before they go and spread their negative customer experience to friends, family and across social media platforms, take the time to address their issue and do everything in your power to create a solution. Even if the complaint doesn’t fall within your policies and it’s not worth keeping the customer’s business, it is worth avoiding any negative word-of-mouth-exposure. 

Did you know that news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for good service experience?

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