Almost every company believes in great customer service however few of them set up a system to ensure they are providing it to customers to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. Delivering the best customer service to generate a positive customer experience takes understanding how customers perceive your brand and what they want.

Collecting customer feedback and listening to your customer is one of the most reliable sources for tangible data that can be used to make strategic business decisions. To be successful in satisfying customers and acquiring new ones, you must not only collect customer insights, you must translate it into actionable takeaways. Customer feedback will help you develop your products, improve customer service and measure customer satisfaction. You can then continue to compare your results throughout different periods to ensure you customer satisfaction is improving and your business is growing.

Before you go racing into analysis and strategising for improvement, you must start by asking the customer questions. This will help towards understanding why they experience or perceive your brand the way they do.

Questions you can ask

All questions can be tailored depending on your business and industry.


  1. Did we respond to your customer service needs today?
  2. Was our customer service provided to you in an accessible manner?
  3. Did you have any problems accessing our goods or services?
  4. Did we have the item you were after?
  5. Would you recommend our product / service?

Using Customer Feedback

What you solve is more important than what you sell. The voice of customers is one of the most powerful weapons if you want to increase your bottom line and create positive experiences. Not only are you able to gather business ideas and suggestions for improvement, you are receiving them from people who are most likely to generate the highest level of revenue for your business if they are satisfied.

Use customer feedback to provide customers solutions to their problems and implement change – change that your customers can see. This will show that they have been heard and it will increase loyalty and in-turn generate an increase in sales.  

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Comparing Results  

It takes continuous effort to maintain high customer satisfaction levels and too many companies are relying on outdated and unreliable measures of customer satisfaction. Creating feedback systems that provide continuous feedback to your company allows you to compare results on a regular basis to help you understand what customers are satisfied with and what you can continue to act on.

When you consistently monitor the results over time, you are creating a profitable foundation that can be built and improved upon over time.

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If you want to stay ahead of your competition and continue to grow, you need to put your customers at the forefront of your business, ensure that you are listening to them and treat their feedback as the most valuable sources of information for your company. Looking back on results you collect will help you to get ahead and improve customer service, manage customer satisfaction and develop products that customers want.

Your customers are waiting to give you their feedback so make sure you make it easy for them. Collect it using an easy feedback tool and begin to understand their wants and needs. This will push you in the direction of growth and success faster than any other way. Book a demo with Jago today.

Jago is a quick, easy and affordable way to get instant feedback from your customers. No other tool on the market provides the complete solution: instant customer feedback, benchmarking and reporting, a customer loyalty program and the ability to monitor individual store performance all in one easy-to-use app.

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