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Jago is proud to announce and welcome two new talented team members to the company – Peter Broadhurst and Soni Sagar as Business Development Managers. 

Joining the team in Sydney, Peter and Soni will be responsible for driving growth in their regions, developing new business relationships, promoting the Jago brand and undertaking general management responsibilities.

“This is another stage in our journey and both the guys bring a great range of diverse skills that will ultimately help our clients,” said Jago’s CEO and Founder Terry Wiley.

With backgrounds in consulting, education, travel and research and extensive experience as business development managers, the new team members bring a wealth of knowledge to the company.

About Jago

Jago gives users the ability to receive instant feedback from customers, gain consumer insights, monitor individual store performance, implement a customer loyalty program and receive accurate reports. Jago captures your customer feedback and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and truly actionable. Not only do we improve your online reputation through direct communication with your customers, Jago also shares positive customer feedback ononline review platforms and social media.

Unlike other customer feedback collection methods, Jago is a quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for all levels of business. For more information visit

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