Customer experience is the future of marketing. These days, the customer is king in every single aspect of a business or organization. This includes strategies, processes, structure and culture however many businesses get caught up in looking at the business from their own perspective instead of actually listening to their customers. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as success ultimately depends on your customers and how you treat them. No longer are customer’s influenced by just brand messages, they're driven by the experiences they get from the brand.

Success, the key to growing, ultimately depends on how the business creates the best possible customer experience. Here’s why:

Unhappy customers damage your brand perception:

If customers have an undesirable experience, it will lead to the following – 13% tell 15 or more people if they’re unhappy and that is in the physical world alone. This means that they have a huge amount of influence online through sharing this on the internet via their social media pages, blog or even through leaving negative reviews on all of your business platforms. These days, it’s commonplace for unhappy customers to outwardly promote their experience and it can lead to a very negative perception of your brand.

Customers are always seeking more personal ways of interacting with brands which means it is greatly important to connect with them – a connection that goes deeper than the surface level relationship. Therefore, throughout the entire customer journey, you must ensure you 100% serve up the best customer service your business possibly can.


Customers draw a parallel with their brand experiences:

The way a brand makes us feel is thanks to all the touch points during the buying journey a brand takes us through, including ambience. Use Apple for example, the product is sold for premium prices however customers are loyal and stick with the brands, often upgrading and buying multiple products. This is because Apple focus on their customer experience and respond to ensure their customers are happy. Now think of some other brands where you just want to leave the store, restaurant or environment as soon as possible. This will tell you about bad customer service, one where people will not be loyal to the brand.

In order to overcome this, and ensure your brand is associated with a high quality and very happy customer experience, you need to ensure you listen to your customers so that you can understand how you can improve what you are offering to meet their needs and wants. The best way to do this is through asking for feedback and understanding it.

Customers are more demanding than ever:

It is known that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. One negative experience means that you could lose a customer forever as people are a lot more unlikely to tolerate bad customer service and poor encounters with the brand. In today’s competitive environment, it is now more important than ever to focus on improving customer experience and working towards resolving negative experiences.

Implementing the right feedback tool like Jago allows you to remain competitive and ensure your customers are happy. It helps to resolve negative experiences, keep loyal customers and encourage them to spread the positive experiences through reviews and word-of-mouth – both increadibly beneficial to growing your business. 

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