Putting the customer at the centre of your business is not always the easiest task for managers. Customers are the key to growing a company so companies must know them inside and out. Understanding customers and knowing their needs, wants and desires can help develop and provide positive customer experiences. This results in loyalty, provides the opportunity to attract new customers and improves the overall profitability of a company. This can all be undertaken using a customer experience software tool as they are the most effective way to improving customer experience easily and quickly.

What is Customer Experience?

We often talk about customer experience but not many people know exactly what it means. Forrester Research defines customer experience as “how customers perceive their interactions with your company.” Customer experience is an integral part of building trust and customer relationships. The more positive experiences customers have, the more likely they are to become repeat and loyal customers. A study undertaken by Oracle identified that 74% of people believe that customer experience impacts a willingness to be loyal. Further, 56% of customers will switch brands due to poor experiences.

The better the experience a customer has with a brand, the more likely they will stay with them. If a customer is treated poorly, they will leave and choose a competitor’s brand. In order to provide the best possible customer experience outcome, there needs to be an actionable plan in place to deliver a positive and meaningful experience for customers. This can be achieved through using Jago feedback software so that you can understand your customers, learn how to create positive experiences and continually generate loyalty and revenue.

Customer Experience Vs Customer Service

Customer service is the assistance and advice given to the customer by a company before, during and after the use or purchase of a product or service. The goal of customer service is to increase the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty and ensure long-term relationships are established with customers.

Customer experience on the other hand is the sum of all the interactions a customer has. It is the overall perception of the company. From looking at the website to customer support there is a number of experiences a customer can have with a company. It is the bigger picture of what happens to the customer and how they experience the brand. 

It is greatly importance for companies to understand customer experience so that they can focus and base strategic decisions on accurate information and how it will impact and shape a customer’s experience. This can be measured using customer experience and customer feedback software like Jago. 

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Improving Customer Experience Using Jago Feedback Software

The better customer experience you can give your customers; the more loyal customers a company will attract. Customer experience should be at the forefront of everything a company does as it creates long-term success and guarantees growth.

By using the Jago feedback software, a company can easily and efficiently extract data from customers and receive valuable information that can facilitate a significant improvement in the way consumers experience the brand. It gives the ability to receive customer feedback, address customer issues in real-time, customise campaigns, measure and improve customer loyalty and align the company towards the customer.

A positive customer experience is the key to business success and growth. It helps to increase satisfaction and drive more conversions.

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