We are always exposed to stories of bad customer experiences. Whether it be via the news headlines or on social media, major brands are continually exposed for not living up to customer expectations.

With the popularity of social media and different online platforms that make it continually easier for people to share their customer experiences, one complaint, one story or one failed experience can reach a mass amount of people.  

Bad customer experiences can cause a fury of angry customers and reveal blind spots in a business. It is more crucial than ever to ensure that businesses educate employees on how to react and respond to complaints to avoid it going viral. Instead, your business can turn this around into a very positive and lucrative outcome.

Here are three tips on how to avoid base customer experiences going viral:

Respond to customer reviews quickly

When a customer complains, they expect a high standard of customer service and part of this means responding to reviews quickly. With the popularity and accessibility of online review sites, customers have more power than ever to take down the reputation of your business and share their customer experience no matter if is good or bad to a mass amount of people. It is imperative that you respond to customers as soon as possible in order to show your customers that you are continually paying attention to what’s being said and you make an effort to create a solution based on their feedback.

Make sure you are available

The way you manage customer service will have an impact on the customer experience they have. Consumers prefer to deal with human beings over digital channels and would like help and support from a human when necessary. When dealing with complaints, no matter if they are face-to-face or online, you need to ensure your business is available to easily communicate with customers. This will ensure that the customer feels appreciated, that you care and that their problem can be resolved effectively. If they have no way of contacting you, they may resort to different measures to share their negative customer experience and their inability to communicate this to the business.


Listen to what your customers are saying

Getting honest customer feedback can be essential to improving customer experiences. You can’t second guess what your customer wants. In fact, the only way to find out what they want is by truly listening to them. If you want your customer to remain loyal and not expose negative customer experiences, you need to keep listening to them to ensure you are finding out what they need. Get customer feedback, act on it and make your customers feel like they are appreciated and valued.

When you give customers easy access to ways and means of communicating with your business, you will help avoid negative customer experiences going viral. Customer complaints may sound like a bad thing but when you handle them correctly, they can present an opportunity for you to turn them into a positive outcome and continue to grow your business.

If you would like to avoid bad customer experiences going viral and work towards significantly improving your customer service strategy, then make sure you book a demo with Jago today.

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