Online reviews are so important in today’s business world. It’s amazing the influence an online review has on a consumers purchase decision. Online reviews are the modern version of traditional word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of receiving feedback from someone face-to-face, customers now use online forums to research and understand what other people are saying about a product or service. Consumers trust other consumers and want to hear their opinion before they decide to invest in a company. Keep reading for some amazing insight into consumer statistics and how online reviews influence their purchasing decision.  

A study conducted by Influenster surveyed 11,255 women of all ages with the goal to reveal the influence of their shopping decisions. They found that 68% of the women surveyed say they rely on reviews when making a purchasing decision. These results prove that it is more important than ever to ensure a company is monitoring their online reviews and resolving negative reviews and complaints.   

When women search for online reviews, it was revealed that 59% of the respondents use their mobile phones, followed by 33% on computers and only 8% on tablets. More and more customers are moving towards mobile phones for their online purchases. This everyday device provides the perfect platform to research a product and service as well as purchase or book a service. Not only does this highlight a key theme in today’s purchasing power, it also highlights the importance of ensuring a company’s website is mobile friendly and that they are engaging on social media platforms to communicate with their customers. 

Women don’t take researching online reviews lightly, with over half of women saying they need to read a minimum of over 50 reviews on a product page before trusting the page is a reliable source of information. Not only do women conduct in-depth research 78% are likely to write a negative review and 54% of women think it’s important that a brand responds to their negative reviews.

From where women go to seek information about a product to what matters most when they are making their final decision, Jago provides the perfect platform to communicate with customers and discover what influences their opinion when purchasing a product or service from your company. To find out more about what influences women’s purchasing decision, please review the infographic below.

Reference: Influenster 

These days consumers are spoilt for choice and customer loyalty is a hard-fought battle. But it’s one you can win with Jago. Jago is a quick, easy and affordable way to get instant feedback from your customers. Jago makes it seriously simple to ask all of your customers how they rate their experience with you at the best possible time – straight after they have interacted with your business.

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The experience will be fresh in their minds and they will be more honest as a result. It also means that if they've had a problem you can act on it straight away, so you don't lose a customer or get a negative online review. Book a demo with Jago today! 

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