A study by Haworth and Work Collectiv found that in Australia, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. In America millennials already make up the majority of the workforce and have a purchasing power estimated by Forbesat over $200 billion per year, making them the largest consumer demographic in the world. It’s no wonder businesses are reevaluating their customer service strategies to suit the needs of millennials. In fact, businesses who aren’t thinking of implementing a new marketing strategy might fall behind and become less competitive in their industry. 

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why millennials are shaping customer service today, and how you can update your customer service strategy to meet their needs.

Changing Customer Service Channels

Millennials grew up with technology, which has altered their preference of how to communicate. Open Market recently found that 75% of millennials would prefer to text a company rather than call. The influence of millennials has also rubbed off onto other generations with Text Requestfinding, 78% of all consumers wishing companies offered customer service via text.

This demand for alternate customer service avenues has led businesses to diversify their communication channels, including avenues such as live chat, as well as offering communication via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, or seeking customer service directly after interacting with a customer via apps such as Jagoto follow up on a customer’s experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Quick Responses

Millennials desire customer service immediately. Gone are the days where businesses could respond to a customer within 3 to 5 business days, consumers are now demanding quicker response times. Webassets found that 22% of millennials expect a response within 10 minutes of when they contact a company via social media. 

Businesses are working around this unrealistic expectation by creating self-service portals that customers can be re-directed to. This allows customers to take matters into their own hands, and find an answer to their own questions. A recent article by Biz Report found that 69% of Millennials say they 'feel good' about a company when they are able to solve a problem themselves. Jago put’s the control back into the customer’s hands allowing them to easily reach out and leave customer feedback, resolving potential issues on the spot.  


When interacting with customer service team members, millennials crave personalisation, in other words, they don’t want to talk to a robot, and they expect customer service to be above average. Research by Aspect found, 56% of millennials moved their business from at least one company in 2014 due to poor customer service.

Businesses can make small changes to the way they interact with customers such as including their name when they first address them. It’s these little tweaks that go a long way in the eyes of a millennial. Jago has people at its heart, all working towards the goal of connecting you with your customers in the most authentic way possible, whilst using a language they are comfortable with and understand, through technology. 

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Online Reviews Are Everything

Online reviews make up a large part of millennials decision of whether to purchase a product or service. An article by Adweek found that 93%of millennials read reviews prior to purchasing, making online reviews a huge factor in influencing the purchasing power of millennials. In fact, customers psychologically crave reviews as it allows an individual to feel like they belong to a group within their community.

Without an effective strategy to manage your online reviewsyou could be losing millennial customers without evening knowing. Online reviews and customer feedback is one of the key drivers that convert potential customers to loyal customers. Jago helps create a clear and personalised line of communication with all customer’s creating a strong and loyal relationship, contacting when it matters the most, straight after they have interacted with a business.

Jago is a simple and cost-effective means of understanding how millennials see your business, through a personalised, timely and modern communication channel. With immediate and ongoing insight, you’ll always know what to do next. Because when you take care of your customers, success takes care of itself. Book a demo today! 

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