Social media plays a significant role in building brands and creating engagement. It gives businesses the opportunity to communicate directly with their customers and help them to understand their wants and needs better.

Social media can also be challenging as it allows customers to share reviews whether they are positive or negative publicly. They are able to influence consumers’ decisions which can have a detrimental effect on your business. The tricky part is that your social media profiles act as the face of your brand so you want to ensure that you handle negative feedback in the best way possible.

Here are three key tips to help brands handle negative feedback on social media like a boss:

Be a Good Listener

If you spend time listening to your customers, you will better understand their needs. This will help create a solution and also give you great insight into how you might want to communicate with them in the future.

The stronger the relationship you build with your customers the more likely they are to return, grow your business and beat out competitors.  

Take Online Conversations Offline

When feedback comes in, it is hard to know what the problem or issue is going to turn into. Depending on the type of problem you are dealing with, sometimes it is best to take the conversation offline and initiate a conversation via phone or privately rather than leave a public comment.

Taking it offline shows the customer that you care and that you want to resolve the issue. Undertaking action like this will not only drive long-term loyalty and attract new customers, it will also give you a thorough understanding of what the customer thinks of your product or service and how it can be improved. 

Always be Responsive ­

No matter whether the feedback is positive or negative, a brand should always respond and interact with each customer. This will make them feel that their opinion matters and that you care. Apologising to the customer and offering up the opportunity to help solve any problems or concerns will help you create loyalty long-term.


Negative reviews can sting and there are numerous people who are continually posting complaints across social media platforms. Instead of worrying about the negative reviews, don’t sweat it!

Negative reviews can have an impact on your business and have a strong influence over potential customers. With the increased popularity of social media means that businesses should be more aware than ever of what their customers are saying about them online. Show your customers that you actually care by looking at the insights gained from each review and use this to help transform your product or service into a brand customers want.

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