The Christmas holiday period can be an expensive time of year when it comes to marketing and creating extra brand awareness. Luckily, there are many other options when it comes to getting your message out there and getting your customers to market your brand through word of mouth is key.

The customers that are spreading the word about your brand are the ones who truly love your brand and the customer experience they receive. These customers are known as brand ambassadors and they like your brand so much that they want to tell everyone one they know. These are the customers you want!

In order to get brand ambassadors this Christmas, you must build relationships with your customers. This is done through developing strategies to foster connections with your customers that are consistent and where they see value.

Here are 4 steps to convert customers into loyal brand ambassadors.


  1. Offer Rewards 

Nurturing your customer relationships is an important element of building strong customer loyalty. When you nurture your customers well, they will keep coming back for more. Offering rewards to your customers through incentives, discounts and promotions proves to the customer that you care and you can really encourage them to make purchases.

When you offer rewards to your customers, it makes them feel special and will help them to see that their business is valued.


  1. Go the Extra Mile

Put in some extra effort this Christmas and show your loyal customers that you truly care. This can be done through personalisation – little gestures that are personally sent to the loyal customer. You can do this through sending an email or inform them when they are in store that they have a special promotion on specific products or services. You could invite them to a launch of any new products or services and you could also send them through important information and updates about the business.

Customers remember those businesses who go the extra mile for them. They want to feel special and cared for as a customer.

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  1. Communicate Frequently

You want to ensure you are always in your customer’s thoughts this holiday season and you can achieve this through communicating with them frequently. Send updates, information, messages, be on social media and reply to all online reviews. This will help your customers to remember you.

By doing this, you allow the customers to identify with your brand, not just the products and services associated. Communicating frequently provides a solid foundation for building relationships with customers.


  1. Listen to Feedback

During the busy months, you may experience an increase in unhappy customers. When this happens, you must ensure you are listening to what they have to say and understand their feedback. Showing you care by addressing any complaints, issues or problems in a timely manner will help minimise negative reviews.

Making your business more valuable to customers by providing a solution they care about will create positive outcome where the customers will more likely spread the word to their community.

If you would like to convert more customers into loyal Brand Ambassadors, book a demo with Jago today.

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