Business Up North has recently reported that house builders Barratt Developments Yorkshire West and Yorkshire East received the maximum five-star rating in the new Home Builders Federations (HBF) annual New Homes Survey for the ninth year in a row.

The stars awarded were based on responses to a Net Promoter Score like question “would you recommend your builder to a friend?”

To be awarded five-stars means that over 90% of Barratt Developments customers would recommend their homes to a friend or colleague. The rating system was developed to give customers an easy to view ranking system of which house builders have the most satisfied customers.

As reported by Business Up North, the executive chairman, Stewart Baseley said “Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is hugely challenging. It requires leadership from Board level downwards and commitment from all areas of house building business and is a credit to every member of the staff. A five-star rating is not easy to achieve and is a very positive endorsement of the processes, systems and culture in place and should provide customers with real confidence in Barratt Developments and the homes they build.”

Barratt Developments strive for customer satisfaction and it is clear that their efforts have paid off. It is awards like these that matter most to companies as the feedback comes directly from the people who buy and live in their homes. They use feedback not only in terms of their design and quality standards, they use it to understand the entire customer purchasing experience.

Knowing what your customers think and how their experience has been is a huge factor when making strategic short and long-term decisions.  

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The Ranking System, Net Promoter Score and Their Importance

There are many ways that organisations and companies measure customer satisfaction to gauge their attitudes and behaviours. In this case, a ranking system very similar to the most popular tool for measuring customer feedback - the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was used. 

The Net Promoter Score aids in the ability to measure the company’s overall loyalty rate – one of the most effective metrics across the board in terms of company success. This is because it has the ability to directly influence a company’s revenue, overall workloads and even the product or service being offered.

By using tools like NPS, company’s have the ability to listen to their customers and then act. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is essential for success and one of the biggest keys to growing. Not only does it work towards gaining new customers, it has the ability to turn your happiest customers into the biggest promoters. 

The Net Promoter Score is an easy gateway to success so make sure your company has the right software in place. Jago is a quick, easy and affordable way to get instant feedback from your customers. Book a demo today and take your business to the next level.


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