Many businesses and organisations use general analytics and online measurements to understand their customers and get to know their needs and wants when they should actually be using customer feedback software.

If all customer interactions were able to be reduced to a simple algorithm, measuring what customers think would be easy. Unfortunately, there are many limits to the information and what it can offer your company.

First of all, analytics does not tell you actual customer opinions about your products or services and nor can it effectively process all customer information easily and accurately in a cost-effective manner.

Secondly, analytics is limited by assumptions on how customers act and react to changes in the market. This means that you are not clear on what your customers expect moving forward – you are always one step behind.

Customer feedback software is designed to provide businesses and organisations with the information they need to understand their customers on a deeper level and address all limitations. It is important that you integrate feedback software into your business.

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Benefits of Using Customer Feedback Software

Using customer feedback software allows you to make informed decisions, accelerate growth and maximise customer loyalty. The information you gain from using this kind of software provides your business or organisation with valuable feedback on the issues that are important to your customer. Here are some of the benefits of using customer feedback software:

Receive real-time feedback & provide real-time solutions

Instead of having to guess the needs and issues of your customers, customer feedback software allows you to apply real-time feedback to gain more insight. Previously, it took a long time before discovering where your customers were having issues and problems and by the time this was solved, the customer had already moved on. Customer feedback software gives the ability to know exactly what your customers are saying at the moment they say it and your business or organisation can intervene immediately if necessary and provide a solution that generates a positive outcome for the moment and long-term.

Feedback Software allows you to better understand your customers

A feedback software system is specifically designed to help and encourage customers to share their opinions and thoughts on their experience. Collecting this information allows you to gather data and analyse it to create an effective marketing strategy to optimise sales moving forward.

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Improves customer service

Analysing data collected from customer feedback software systems allows you to reveal customer pain-points so that you can quickly find a solution, confront and eliminate. You will also gain a lot of clarity on service and product attributes and behaviours that allow you to significantly improve your services, drive retention and maximise the customer lifetime value.

Measures NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Using the right customer feedback software like Jago, you are able to measure your customer happiness with a single number – the Net Promoter Score. Getting inside the mind of your customer with the Net Promoter Score or NPS, allows you to understand customer loyalty and better gauge how happy your customers actually are. This gives you accountability and you can see if what you are doing is having a positive or negative impact on customer experiences and identify areas for improvement. 

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Customer feedback software allows your business or organisation to better understand your customer’s opinions, needs and wants. They are very useful tools for research and customer engagement. When you invest in a customer feedback software system like Jago, you are not only investing in a tool that will help you survey your customers, you are also investing in the optimisation and effectiveness of your company’s marketing strategy.

Get set for success with Jago. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Jago is a simple and cost-effective means of understanding how customers see your business. With immediate and ongoing insight, you’ll always know what to do next. Because when you take care of your customers, success takes care of itself.

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Customer Feedback, Net Promoter Score, Feedback Software