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In business today we know customer feedback is essential to a productive and competitive brand, however, we’ve become consumed with the ability to measure experiences and only see them as statistics rather than what they truly are, emotions felt by our customers.

A customer‘s experience isn’t just dictated by the journey with a company, it is influenced by the customer’s current mood, their environment, past experiences and so much more. In fact, consumers don’t always know what they want when they decide to purchase a product or service. According to research by Clicktale, 78% of customers believed that when they purchased something from the shop, they were thinking rationally, when it was actually quite the opposite. When customers shop 76% of data experts claim that they are irrationally shopping – making purchases instead based of emotional cues such as boredom, tiredness and even the type of music being played in the store at the time.

Steve Jobs once said that it is not up to customers to know what they want. Instead of expecting customers to be able to tell us what they want, when building a customer experience we can instead ask them to show us. This can be done simply by listening to customer’s rather than questing them.

At Jago we create an important connection with customers that allows brands to start a conversation where they can discover what their customers are feeling. Some of the most important feedback comes in the form of how a customer reacts, rather than what they say and Jago gives every company the opportunity to listen to their customers and analyse people’s specific actions to discover true insights into their customer experience.

Jago provides the perfect opportunity to make better decisions for your company based on your customers reactions. The direct communication Jago offers with your customers is priceless, allowing your company to thrive and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Jago uses modern tried and tested methods to ensure an easy line of communication with your customers, making it easier and more likely that they will provide quality customer feedback and a new insight into how they feel about your brand. Contact Jago today and book a demo 

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