There are a number of factors that result in a successful business – employing the right staff, creating a useful and unique product or service, marketing and so much more. But none of this matters if you don’t invest time into building strong relationships with your customers and that can only happen when you ensure great customer service.

Positive customer service experiences can inspire emotional responses from customers towards a business such as trust, loyalty and gratitude. An important fact to remember is when a business creates these emotional responses the positive response to a business doesn’t just finish with that particular customer. Through word-of-mouth marketing that one customer has the potential to go on and become a brand advocate, which can result in not only return business but new customers. To ensure your company is using the latest customer service methods, we’ve put together 4 tips on how to build great customer service and ensure loyal customers.

1. Training Regiment

Training staff is essential to providing excellent customer service, especially when answering questions and giving advice. When training staff, it’s important to give a 360-degree education on the business no matter what department an employee is in. This means that all staff have a well-rounded understanding of the entire process of how a company works. This works directly into giving amazing customer service, as customers will always speak to someone who can answer their questions.

Jago understands the importance of training staff and ensuring they are always performing to the highest standard. With Jago, you can monitor which areas are performing well and which areas might need improvement through customer reviews you receive on a regular basis.

2. Internal Reporting

When a customer contacts a company’s customer service team, this query can be handled by multiple employees. One of the worst experiences a customer can have is having to explain their query to each employee they speak to. Internal reporting provides an easy opportunity to record information and communication with each customer, meaning every employee will be able to speak to a customer as though they have been involved with their query from the beginning. 

Communication with your customers at the right time is essential in providing accurate feedback for a company, which is why Jago makes it seriously simple to ask all customers how they rate their experience with a company at the best possible time – straight after they have interacted with a business. This means any problems can be resolved by turning the customer’s experience from negative to positive.


3. Purpose Through Appreciation  

Empathy is key! Customers need to know that a company cares about them and understands the problem they are facing. When a customer trusts a company and feels appreciated, they are more likely to be loyal, committed customers who spread positive word-of-mouth marketing for a brand.

By communicating with customers through Jago, a company can understand exactly what their customers are thinking and therefore create a key customer service strategy that helps their customers understand that they are listening to their feedback and that they care about what their customers are saying.

4. Ditch the Automation 

Nobody wants to talk to a robot! Customers appreciate talking to real people and receiving quick responses to their questions. It might be more expensive to have real employees answering phones, but the ROI speaks for itself when a company can see customer-conversion rates increase!

Jago is a simple solution to amazing customer service. Using a customer feedback software tool like Jago gives you the ability to receive real-time customer feedback, enhance your brand’s reputation and improve your customer service through timely, honest and high-quality customer feedback. Your customer service delivery isn’t static. Your service could be great today, but average tomorrow. At a glance, Jago will let you know how happy your customers are, and how likely they are to recommend your business to other people. Contact Jago today and book a demo!


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