Would you love a 5-9% increase in your business? This is the kind of increase some businesses can expect to see for every star they receive from online review platforms.

Many businesses are still not aware of the importance of reviews which is why they are continually being beaten by their competition. Not only are reviews one of the most important social proofs customers look for, they are also increasingly trusted by potential customers and an important part of an SEO strategy.

Approximately 90% of people use online reviews to determine whether or not a business is a good one and a total 61% of all customers check online reviews before making a purchase. Ensuring you are encouraging online reviews and having an online review management plan is effective for all businesses. In fact, it can increase conversion rates by up to 58%.

Online Reviews Explained

When a business provides a service, the customer is either satisfied or dissatisfied. In our digitally driven world, customers will often take their experiences with the business and publish them on online review platforms. If the review is positive, it can encourage other customers to visit the business however, if the review is negative it can cause potential customers to be turned off the business.

Online customer reviews are essential for the reputation of businesses.

Here’s how to beat your competition with reviews:

Proves to Customers You Have Great Customer Service

Having an online review management plan in place provides a great opportunity to resolve a customer’s problems and also improve business practices. When a review is published whether it be positive or negative, you have the ability to address your customer’s concerns and respond publicly. When you respond to these reviews, it shows customers that you care, that you are willing to do whatever it takes to please them and help them understand that they are important to your business.

Improved Search Engine Results

Online reviews have a huge influence on internet search engine results. Search Engines like Google take into account how many times your business has been reviewed and if you are being reviewed multiple times in comparison to your competitors, it is more likely you will appear higher in search results for your specific service or product.


Peer Recommendations

Up to 40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three online reviews and 51% of consumers will select a local business if it has positive reviews. Customers trust peer recommendations more than they do advertising so it doesn’t matter what type of promotions your competitors are using; you can beat them by increasing the level of positive online reviews.

Free, Effective Advertising

Each review posted by a customer is a form of advertising for your business. Not only is your brand name and product or service displayed to readers, it is also increasing their awareness of what you do and who you are. Reviews provide customers an easy way to understand your business, to find you and to form an opinion about you very quickly. If you have a high-level of online reviews that are positive then you are undertaking free and very effective advertising. This is more likely to create a positive outcome for your business than a business who is not using online review platforms.

It’s important for businesses to pay attention to what is being said about them online. It is even more important that businesses have an online review management plan in place to respond to customers each and every time. This is the way to beat your competition with reviews.

If you are looking to increase the level of positive reviews your business receives online and would like to know more about online review management to help grow your business, book a demo with Jago today.

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