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Singtel Optus chief executive Allen Lew has announced to staff if you “make customers unhappy, you will be sacked,” after a 35% surge in customer complaints.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman released data revealing a shocking increase in customer complaints from Optus customers, with a collective 40,665 issues brought to the attention of the Ombudsman in the last financial year.

Not only is Mr Lew telling staff they will be fired if they upset customers, he is also encouraging employees to ‘dob’ in other colleagues they believe are upsetting customers via an independently-run whistleblower hotline. 

Optus’ poor performance well surpasses that of their competitor Telstra who comparatively only saw a 7.7% increase in customer complaints, as well as TPG and Vodafone who both continue to improve year after year.

Mr Lew has been described as passionate about customer service and doesn’t feel the need to sugar coat the situation by Vice President of regulatory and public affairs Andrew Sheridan.

"Allen expects every Optus employee to be clear that we are all answerable to our customers, and that we are all responsible for delivering exceptional customer experience, not just those interacting with customers through stores and call centres," Mr Sheridan said.

Passion for customer service is an essential drive to have, to ensure a company is seeking the best options to listen to their customers. At Optus, the employees are being blamed for upsetting customers and not listening to customer feedback. Optus has a customer feedback software, which begs the question, why isn't it effectively being used? Customer Feedback Software listens to customers on behalf of a company, records the data and provides the customer feedback in an easy to understand report that reveals areas in a business that might need more training. It might be more effective if Optus stops blaming their staff and starts listening to the feedback they receive from their customers to understand their needs and learn why their customer complaints are increasing. 

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Customer feedback is essential in ensuring a strong, secure and competitive business. You can threaten to fire your staff which could lead to a downturn in your customer service through fear and poor management or you can install Jago and empower your employees with the right training to take positive action with the customer feedback Jago provides. Contact Jago and book a free demo today.

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