Gaining new customers and retaining them is critical to the success of your business but don’t forget about ensuring you are holding onto your current customers. Losing a customer is easy! In fact, all you have to do is give them a bad customer service experience. A total 82% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service.

How you treat your customers has a direct impact on your business and unfortunately, many businesses do not focus on making customers feel comfortable, important or even relevant. Customers want their expectations to be exceeded and have the best possible buying experience. Therefore, it is vital to understand the unknown strategies businesses undertake that turn away customers. Here are 5 ways to lose a customer:


  1. Never Take Responsibility

Whether a customer does not like the product, they are unsatisfied with the service, they do not like the way you have communicated or you made a mistake, you can’t avoid it. How you respond, however, is a big deal. If you never take responsibility for the mistakes your business has made, you will lose trust with your customers and they will not come back. The way you handle a situation is key to long-term retention.


  1. Make it Virtually Impossible to Get in Touch with Your Company

Nobody likes having to work hard in order to get in touch with your business. You should make it as easy as possible for customers to find the information to contact you whether it be via email, phone, live chat or social media. If you do not, you can be guaranteed customers will no longer have time for you. Even if you provide the right contact information, if they are never able to reach a live person or if they do not hear back from you in a decent amount of time, you will lose customers and additionally lose out on acquiring new customers.

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  1. Break Your Promises

Some of the best ways to sell your products and services to customers are to promise them something in return for their business. Upholding such promises can lead to lucrative outcomes including word of mouth referrals and positive reviews. Promising things to customers and then breaking the promises by failing to deliver will result in negative customer perceptions and very dissatisfied customers. This will lead them to directly to your competitors.


  1. Treat Customers Like a Number

A fundamental need of most customers is to feel appreciated. Customers want to feel appreciated when they are spending money on your products or services. If you do not acknowledge your customer in-store or get to know them in other ways over the phone or via your website, then you are not treating your customers right. In fact, they will just feel like another number in line instead of special. You must show the customer that you care by communicating with them, helping them, guiding them and ensuring they are satisfied.


  1. Don’t Listen to Customer Feedback

Customers want to be heard and understood. Good customer service is all about listening and ensuring you a listening enough that customers needs are reflected back to them. If you do not listen to customer feedback to solve a problem or use feedback to make the right changes to your products, services or business processes, customers will see this and realise that their feedback has not been taken into consideration. They will then move onto a competitor who listens and is offering the solutions they require.

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Don’t Lose Customers! Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Them Coming Back


  1. Treat Your Customers with Courtesy and Respect
  2. Be Honest, Event if it Seems Uncomfortable
  3. Only Make Promises That You Can Keep
  4. Take Ownership to Find Solutions
  5. LISTEN!

Without customers, you do not make sales and without sales, there is no business. Ensuring that you are gaining and retaining customers is key to success and you can’t afford to lose them. If you find yourself losing customers, make sure you take step towards ensuring you are implementing the right strategies.

Knowing what your customer want and learning how to satisfy them is easy with Jago. Book a demo today and start to grow your business.

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