Milliennials, the digital savvy generation, are changing the rules of customer service and transforming customer experience. They won’t wait in line, they don’t like talking to you about a complaint or issue about a product or service they purchased from you and they will not stay on hold. In fact, they go through all of their own self service processes before they choose to speak with a live person about the problem. If your business fails them, they will not suffer in silence. They will share it all over social media and online platforms. 

Why Are Millennials Important?

Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials have taken over the Baby Boomers and become the largest consumer demographic. They are estimated to have over $200 billion in annual buying behaviour.

As a business you need to be thinking about millennials constantly. They are a huge population of socially conscious, incredibly savvy people who truly care about the brands they support. Here are five ways millennials are redefining the rules of customer service.

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5 Ways Millennials Are Redefining the Rule of Customer Service


  1. Omni-Channel Self-Service

Millennials prefer to use a range of different channels like social media and live chat when communicating with a brand. Millennials want to choose the option they prefer when they like something which is why businesses need to ensure they are taking an omni channel approach. They need to optimise the experience and ensure they appeal to this generation. 


  1. Need for Speed. They Want It Fast!

We are living in a world where all information is accessible within a matter of seconds and millennials are demanding customer service faster than ever before. Statistics show that 25% of millennials expect to get a response within 10 minutes after reaching out for customer service via social media. They want everything fast and their need for speed should be a huge factor when making business decisions.  Choose to invest in strategies like more self-service assistance, live chat and social media engagers.


  1. Social Media Brand Engagement

Go social with your customers and know what social platforms they are using. Millennials expect brands to be connected. Building strong relationships with your customers on social media platforms can lead to a lot of engagement and shares. They have the power to bring friends and family to your brand. However, they also have the power to hurt your brand – 47% of 18-34 year-old consumers have used social media to complain about a brand’s service. This is why businesses need to be on social media platforms asking their customers questions, updating them and communicating with them regularly.

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  1. They Want to Be Heard

Customer feedback is one of the most important elements to improving a brand and millennials want to ensure that their needs, tastes and preferences are important to the brand. Reaching out to millennials, understanding what they have to say and taking action on their feedback will show that you have listened to them. They want to feel like they have had services or products tailored specifically for their needs.


  1. Talk to Them After They Have Purchased

Communicating directly with millennial’s once they have made a purchase will help you understand your customers a lot better. Asking specific questions will assist your business in making positive improvements to your product or service.

Find out how their experience was and how it could be improved. Find out the channels they used and whether or not the process was seamless. Ask questions about returns, exchanges and what could be improved. Having a deeper understanding about your customer’s entire customer service is a sure-fire way to tailor your product or service and achieve high satisfaction levels and loyalty.

Millennials are redefining the rules of customer service. You cannot ignore them! The forward-thinking, incredibly tech-savvy generation are wanting a seamless and efficient customer service experience. If your business gets to know them a little better, provides them with multiple channels of communication and takes action on their feedback then you will ensure customer loyalty from the largest consumer demographic.

If you would like to ensure your business is targeting and satisfying millennials, make sure you book a demo with us today.

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