Online reviews come with the territory of owning a business and no matter how hard you work to ensure the best experience for every customer, there will come a time when a customer will leave a negative review. 

The first thing to remember is that negative feedback is not the end of the world. In fact, it can be a valuable learning curve for your business and can take your product to a whole new level. Online reviews are an important part of every business strategy, but it’s also important to note that not all negative feedback is equal and to make sure you have implemented a strategy for your employees, outlining how to deal with negative feedback and turn it into positive action for your business. To help you get started, we’ve put together our top 3 tips for dealing with negative reviews like a true entrepreneur.

Find the Theme

You can’t please everyone, but you can take action to try and make things right or turn it into a positive. Each customer has a different understanding of how they expect a company to treat them, the processes that they believe should be in place and the customer service they would like to receive. A customer’s experience comes down to their experience and is very individual. 

There will come a time in your business where you will receive your first negative review. One of the first tips is to look through your reviews, both positive and negative and see if you can see a trend forming. It’s important not to take each review into deep consideration as this can sometimes cause more harm than good. When looking through reviews for a theme, you are making sure every review is being monitored and responded to as required, however you aren’t spiralling into a bad habit of perfectionism. No company will be perfect in the eyes of every customer. 

After discovering the theme in your online reviews you can discover what area might need improvement in your company. Jago provides the opportunity for companies to reach out and communicate with their customers directly after their experience with a product or service. This means you receive real-time feedback, allowing you to resolve any negative feedback you receive straight away, turning a negative review into a  positive experience.

Be an Active Responder 

The second tip to responding to negative reviews is to ensure you are responding quickly and professionally. Even if you disagree with a review, it’s important to remain professional at all times as your response will not only be seen by the customer who wrote the negative review, but by every customer who reads your online reviews. Unprofessional responses that attack customers are a sure-fire way to create a bad name for your company.

When a customer goes to the trouble of writing a review or making contact with your company, they expect an answer fast. In fact, 40% want a response within an hour. Apologise to the customer, if necessary, and explain that this is an unusual occurrence for your business. It is then important to look into the complaint and decide how to resolve the issue, remembering to stay calm, use supportive and understanding language and letting the customer know they are important. 

People like to see that a company cares about their customers even if they receive a negative review. A study by Search Engine Land found that 92% of customers check online reviews when undertaking research on a local business, which means the way you respond to your reviews is one of the first impressions you give potential customers. Jago provides the perfect platform for companies to monitor their online reviews and ensure a company responds to them quickly.

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Take Action

It’s one thing to respond to a negative review, it’s another thing to then take action and resolve the problem so that no other customer has this negative experience. If a company notices a theme in their customer reviews, it’s essential to take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue and create a positive change. Failing to resolve the re-occurring issue can result in a number of negative consequences from increased negative reviews to a decrease in a company’s competitive edge and a loss of new customers. 

Resolving re-occurring issues is another way of connecting with reality. It can be easy to become absorbed in the online world and forget that responding to reviews doesn’t always resolve the problem. By taking a step back and putting steps in place to resolve an issue a company is taking their customers seriously, showing them they care and connecting with the reality of the situation.

A great example by JetBlue is provided when a customer contacts them via Twitter saying: 

“My view during my all the flight (4hours). No movies, no TV. First complain to one of my favourite airlines. @JetBlue L.” 

This was accompanied by a photo of his TV with a blank screen. JetBlue customer service team responded to this tweet with the following: 

“Oh no! That’s notwhat we like to hear! Are all the TVs out on the plane or is it just yours?”

After he confirms that it was just his TV that was out, they respond with:

“We always hate it when that happens. Send us a DM with your confirmation code to get you a credit for the non-working TV.” 

A short 23 minutes after the customer’s original complaint, the customer tweets: “One of the fastest and better Customer Service: @JetBlue! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.”

This interaction puts all 3 of our tips into action and creates a positive experience for a customer who originally contacted them with a negative review. Jago allows companies to interact with customers at the best time, directly after they interact with a company. This means a company is able to ask every customer for feedback, they are also providing the perfect opportunity to resolve any issue immediately.

Jago makes it seriously simple to ask all of your customers how they rate their experience with a company. The experience will be fresh in their minds and they will be more honest as a result.Jago’s customer feedback software provides customised solutions that allow you to monitor performance and manage KPIs across multiple locations. So you can make sure that each arm of your business is operating with equally exceptional results. Contact Jago today and book a demo.



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