Customer feedback does not create a competitive advantage merely from collecting the data, the advantage is how you act on feedback; that really makes the difference. Here’s 3 amazing things you can do with customer feedback.


  1. Drive Your Products

Customers are the ones who use your products or services and sometimes you may never come up with some of the incredible ideas that occur from these users. Listen to their feedback, understand the areas for growth and implement their ideas – this will set you apart from competitors


  1. Use Feedback as Testimonials

One of the most useful things you can do with feedback is to make a testimonial out of it. It will showcase a glowing reputation and also serve as a reference to other customers. People are much more willing to do business with a company that is already proven.  


  1. Reward Your Customers

Show your customers that feedback matters and that you take it, and what they have to say seriously! You can reward your customers in multiple ways – spontaneous gifts, sneak-peeks or special discounts. This way, the next time you need feedback, these customers will give it to you.

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Customer Feedback