When you provide excellent customer service you are creating the perfect relationship with your customers that ensures loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Providing excellent customer service might seem like an easy task;

  • Be polite
  • Address all problems
  • Listen to the customer

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. A startup company might find it easier to monitor their customer’s happiness, however as a business starts to grow, and more customers start seeking a company’s product or service, it becomes harder to keep track of every customer experience. The growth of a company is an exciting milestone, however as a company moves from its startup stage to its growth stage the quality of customer service might suffer as not enough resources are being invested into this area.  

One easy step to ensure customer service does not suffer from the growth of a business is implementing a customer service policy and adhering to it. By training staff on the importance of customer service and ensuring they follow the customer service policy, provides the right tools to ensure every customer feels valued. Getting customer feedback is a sure-fire way to ensure your customer service is always at its best. Collecting and tailoring strategies to satisfy customer needs and wants will grow the business. Jago provides an easy to use app that connects businesses with their customers, ensuring quality customer feedback and amazing customer service. Let’s take a look at 25 ways to show your customers they’re always right and how amazing customer service is the key to growth. 

1. Put Your Customer Service Policy in Writing

Don’t just talk about a customer service policy with employees, it must be put into writing. Once a customer service policy is put into writing, it provides a guideline to all employees of the required performance they must adhere to when interacting with customers. It can also include simple outlines such as, ‘the customer is always right’ or, ‘an employee is allowed to grant a 10 percent discount to a dissatisfied customer.’  

2. Establish a Support System 

Create a support structure employees can use in case they are unsure of the right steps to take to resolve an issue. Do they contact their manager first or the team leader?

3. Develop a Customer Service Measurement 

Create a measurement of superb customer service that employees understand they must meet every time they interact with a customer, and reward employees who consistently perform well.

4. Make Great Customer Service Contagious  

Show employees how their amazing customer service is resulting in increased business performance and growth. This will encourage employees to maintain or improve their performance. In fact, Jago’s Net Promoter Score is the perfect way to show employees how they are performing as it provides quality customer feedback based on areas that are performing well and areas that need improving.

5. Commit to Providing the Best Customer Service in the Industry 

Don’t settle for second best. Strive for the best customer service in the industry, and let customers know this is the company’s goal.

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6. Address Customers by Their Name 

Personalisation is key. Customers will feel more valued by a company if they feel like their experience is unique and the business cares about them.

7. Help Where You Can 

Don’t get stuck in the habit of being a robot, and following the steps. Help wherever possible and avoid saying, ‘the enquiry will be passed onto the people responsible.’

8. Throw the Script in the Bin 

Avoid talking to customers using a scripted response. Listen to the customer’s problem, and address the situation without the use of pre-written responses.

9. Saying Thank You Works Wonders

Thank the customer for going to the effort to get in contact with an enquiry. This says to the customer, ‘thank you for using our product.’

10. Don’t Take the Easy Way Out 

If a customer has contacted a company’s customer service regarding an enquiry, don’t send them a generic link to FAQ’s. Assume the customer has already used this resource and are contacting a company because they need further help and advice.

11. End All Conversations on a High Note 

Always end a conversation with a customer on a high note. This lets customers know there is a real person on the other end of the conversation. If it’s a Friday say, ‘enjoy your weekend.’ Personalising your conversation makes a customer feel like the company cares.

12. Know Your Product

An employee won’t be able to solve a problem or answer an enquiry if they don’t understand the product. Training is an important area to invest in for all companies and it results in great customer service.

13. Show Respect

Respect all customers who make an enquiry. Remember that they are contacting a company because they need help. Not all answers are obvious, but great customer service helps customers understand how to resolve an issue or answer a question.

14. Resolve Issues Quickly

There is nothing worse than not responding to a complaint. Resolving issues quickly and with patience and understanding can turn a negative review into a positive review. Companies can instantaneously receive feedback and respond to customers using Jago. Jago makes it easy to communicate with you customer’s at the most important time, right after they have interacted with a company.

15. Ask for feedback  

Asking for feedback is one of the best ways a company can understand how they are performing in the eyes of their customers. By asking for feedback a company can pinpoint areas they may need to improve on, as well as areas they are excelling. The best way to ask for feedback is a well-implemented software system that generates feedback straight away and allows a company to interact with their customer’s immediately. Communicating with a customer directly after their experience with a company allows potential issues to be resolved immediately, turning a negative review into a positive review and return business. 

16. Use the Feedback You Receive

Companies shouldn’t just ask for feedback, they must analyse it and incorporate it into their business strategy. By incorporating customer feedback into a business strategy, companies are able to remain competitive and grow as they understand what their customers want.

17. Understand Your Market

Research should always be conducted to understand the target market a company is marketing to. This research can then be used to effectively communicate with this market.

18. Fix Your Mistakes

All companies are bound to make mistakes sooner or later. This is a good thing, as a company can learn from these mistakes and grow from them. Great customer service comes from being aware of past mistakes and not making them again. 

19. Think Long Term

By keeping a customer happy, they remain loyal to a brand and are more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth reviews, creating the possibility of new customers.

20. Use the Right Phrases (and Personalise Them)  

Companies can have a basic model of different phrases for different situations. It’s always important to customise these phrases to each conversation, so the customer feels supported, understood and heard;

  • How can I help?
  • I can solve that problem.
  • I’m not sure, but I will find out.
  • I will take responsibility.
  • I will keep you updated.
  • Monday means Monday.
  • It will be exactly what you ordered.
  • The job will be completed on time.
  • I appreciate your business.

These phrases provide great examples of how a company can show its customers they care. It is important to remember to research all answers, listen to the customer’s enquiry, meet deadlines and let them know that their opinion matters.

21. Let Customers Know What You Are Doing for Them 

Ensure the customer is being kept up-to-date with the process taken to answer their enquiry. This lets them know, their question is being attended to and they have not been forgotten.

22. Regularly Communicate with Loyal Customers

Companies should always let their loyal customers know they are valued. This can be done frequently communicating with loyal customers. If you bump into a customer, follow up with an email - It was great seeing you at the <insert company name> Christmas party. I'll call you early in the New Year to schedule a lunch."

23. Keep it Personal 

If a customer is unavailable leave a voice mail or send an email. Address the enquiry that is being followed up and let them know they will be contacted directly to resolve it.

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24. Remember Special Occasions

Send regular customers birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards and everything in between. This is another way to let a customer know they are appreciated.

25. Always Address Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

There are many ways to address negative feedback, but these tactics are a great place to start learning how to positively address negative feedback.

  • Let customers vent their feelings
  • Never argue with a customer
  • Never tell a customer they don’t have a problem
  • Be polite
  • Take responsibility for the problem
  • Take action to resolve the problem straight away
  • Empower frontline staff to be flexible with addressing complaints

Each of these methods are a great way to let your customer know they are right, however amazing customer service cannot be effectively integrated into a business if a company is not receiving customer feedback or does not have a modern customer feedback strategy in place. 

At Jagowe use a simple and convenient algorithm to connect a business with its customers. Using Jago’s customer feedback software is the first step in excelling at customer service and remaining competitive in an industry. Customer feedback software is designed to provide businesses and organisations with the information they need to understand their customers on a deeper level and address all limitations. Contact Jago today and book a demo. 

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