“By 2020 Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.” - Walker, 2013.

There is a big difference between knowing the importance of customer experience and understanding how to approach it in your business strategy. Adobe surveyed 3,000 companies in 2018, with one in five of these companies saying that the most exciting opportunity in their organisation is to optimise the customer experience. But how are these companies optimising their customer experience and are they optimising their customer experience the right way? 

Companies that successfully integrate a customer experience strategy increase customer satisfaction, reduce customer churn and increase revenues. These results are backed up by research by American Express which found that 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

This is all well and good, but the key takeaway here is how do you create a successful customer experience strategy? We’ve put together the top 10 tips for delivering a good customer experience for your customers.

1. Make Sure Your Product or Service Measures Up

This might seem like an obvious point and for a lot of company’s this will not be an issue, however, if your product or service is not meeting customer’s expectations then providing a good customer experience means nothing. Providing an amazing product or service that surpasses customers’ expectations and your competition along with a brilliant customer experience will make you stand out amongst the pack as well as take the focus away from the price of your product or service. As we mentioned above, 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Jago allows a company to monitor the performance of each department as well as the product or service that is on offer. This information is vital for a company to improve on a daily basis and ensure every department works to provide a great customer experience.

2. Understand the Importance of Customer Experience 

The first thing to understand about customer experience is that it is not the same as customer service. Customer service is just one aspect of a customer’s experience with your brand. For example, if you are booking concert tickets over the phone and the person you are speaking to is friendly and helpful that is great customer service. If your tickets arrive early with a personal note wishing the customer a good time at the concert, that is a good customer experience.

If a company doesn’t understand what customer experience is, then it cannot be improved and a strategy cannot be effectively put in place. Providing an amazing customer experience will differentiate one company from another, as well as increasing the company’s competitive edge. It’s more difficult to replicate a company’s customer experience than it is to replicate their product or service.

3. Invest in Technology

Without investing in the right technology a company will be unable to provide a competitive customer experience. Technology improves communication, reduces errors and increase consistency – these are 3 vital components in providing a good customer experience.

Embracing new technology such as Jago is a simple way of improving a company’s customer experience. Jago makes communicating with customers quick and simple, whilst also providing essential information on how a company can improve their customer experience.

4. Make it Easy for Customers

Providing a simple process for a customer to purchase a product or service can be the difference between you and your competitor. When all else is equal, a customer will choose a company that makes the process easier for them. Customer’s don’t want the buying process to be hard work.

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5. Be Consistent with Your Communications 

A company doesn’t just communicate with customers when they are speaking to a company’s customer service team. A company communicates with their customers using a number of different methods including, social media, emails, websites and advertisements. Each one of these communication methods is a source that customers utilise to research a product or service before they decide to make a purchase. It is essential to ensure all forms of communication remains consistent so that the customer is not confused in any way about the product or service on offer. If the information isn’t readily available for a customer, they will lose interest and purchase from a company that has consistent communications.

6. Get Regular Feedback

Without regular feedbacka company cannot improve. Regular customer feedback provides a great resource for companies to utilise. Companies should monitor their customer feedback and identify trends that highlight areas that might need improvement.

Jago provides a simple way to communicate with customers using an inclusive and easy to use app. Customers are asked to review a company directly after their experience, providing regular and honest feedback. 

7. Be Proactive  

Once you have received feedback from a customer, a company needs to be proactive and provide timely updates before the customer feels like they must follow up. For example, when a customer places an order, they expect a confirmation email saying their order has been received as well as a dispatch notification, delivery updates and a feedback form.

8. Share Success Stories

If a customer gives you positive feedback about your product or service, share it. It’s important to share success stories with other customers as well as prospective ones too. It’s a great way to demonstrate what you do well and back it up by customer feedback.

Jago provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customer’s and ask about their experience. Whenever you receive positive feedback, share it! This could help encourage return sales as well as new customers.

9. Share Feedback with Employees

It’s important to share customer feedback with employees as well as customers. Share both positive and negative feedback with staff. When sharing negative feedback, it’s important to explain it in a constructive way follow up with tips on how to improve. It might be a situation where a company should re-think their current strategy. Sharing positive feedback will build morale and increase motivation and engagement with employees. 

Jago provides a simple solution in asking customers for feedback in a timely and easy way. It also allows companies to share this feedback with their employees and discover departments that might need more training.

10. Move Quickly  

Social media is a great tool for engaging with customers as well as marketing a product or service, however, it also provides a platform for an issue to go viral. It is important to monitor customer reviews and feedback to ensure all issues are dealt with immediately and positively. By dealing with a customer’s problem straight away, a company is also able to personalise the customer’s experience and turn a negative experience into a positive.

Jago communicates with customers at the most important time, directly after they have experienced a product or service. By communicating with the customer immediately after their interaction with a company, negative feedback can be resolved straight away and be turned into a positive experience.

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When creating a customer experience strategy, it’s important to take everything you have learnt and make it personal to your company. The personalisation of your strategy is what will set you aside from your competition and provide an exciting experience for customers. 

Jago is a real-time customer service software that enhances customer experience, business growth and online reviews. With immediate and ongoing customer feedback, you will always know what to do next. The good, the bad and everything in between. With a customer feedback tool, whatever your customers experience, you’ll be the first to know. Contact us today and book a demo.

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